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Friday, July 22, 2011

So how hot is it?

Rush Limbaugh thinks there's insidious politics afoot in the way temperatures are reported. Can we really trust the government to give us honest temperature readings?

Is the National Weather Service part of a radical progressive agenda?

Can good patriots do anything to stop this plot?

Is Rush back on the Oxycontin?

He lambasted the government - in this case, the National Weather Service - for reporting the temperature heat index. That's the measurement of how hot it feels when you factor the temperature and the humidity together.

A plot, says Limbaugh by commies in the Obama Administration to fake the weather to promote their dubious claims about global warming (actually, climate change) thus forcing people to embrace such Communist devices as compact fluorescent light bulbs and (the horror!) wind turbines.

Says Limbaugh: "Why not just report the temperature of what it's gonna be?  It's gonna be 100 degrees, it's gonna be 103.  That happens every summer in Washington.  And now it's gonna be 116!  It's gonna be deadly hot, unprecedented heat, 116 heat index.  More manipulation.  You wait.  What's predictably to follow here?  Global warming stories."