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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fun facts from Harper's Index

Leslie Banks as "Count Zaroff" in
The Most Dangerous Game.
On the state of the economy:

Amount an unemployed Utah man is charging for the opportunity to hunt and kill him: $10,000

Percentage of the current U.S. debt that was accumulated during Republican presidential terms: 71

Portion of debt-ceiling elevations since 1960 that have been signed into law by Republican presidents: 2/3

Percentage of profits American corporations paid in taxes in 1961: 40.6

Today: 10.5

Estimated value of government subsidies that will go to the oil and gas industries between now and 2015: $78,155,000,000

Portion of the increase in U.S. corporate profit margins since 2001 that has come from depressed wages: 3/4

Percentage of Americans who say they did not have money to buy food at all times last year: 18.2

Percentage change in the median household wealth of white families since 2005: –16

Of Hispanic families: –66

Guess he doesn't need them anymore now that he's wearing prison stripes:
Price for an iPad case made out of Bernie Madoff’s Polo Ralph Lauren blue chinos: $350
Madoff mugshot

Percentage of millionaires who said in a July survey that they are concerned about global unrest: 94

An unintended consequence of the requirement to show ID to purchase pseudoephedrine?
Percent increase in armed robberies at pharmacies since 2006: 81

Percentage of private-sector workers who believe that public-sector workers receive better benefits: 60

Percentage of public-sector workers who believe this: 44

Confirmation of something I've long suspected:

Percentage of Americans who say they would vote for a well-qualified homosexual candidate for president: 67

For a well-qualified atheist: 49

(All figures are from the October Harper's Index. Sources available here.)