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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lyrids Meteor Shower: April 20-22

If the weather cooperates, Lyrids could be a good show
By Will Collette

Springtime and summer meteor showers are fun to watch mainly because you don’t have to freeze your ass off while you watch. 

The Lyrids, our next major shower, is expected to shine between April 20 and 22, with the peak at midnight on April 21-22. 

The Lyrids are not as big a dark sky attraction as some of the others that will occur later in the year. At peak, there should be around a dozen per hour. 

But this year, the moon in is its New phase, so its light will not wash out the view.

It sure would be nice if the weather cooperated, but the National Weather Service is predicting clouds and rain.

Maybe we'll get lucky.

Look to the east at midnight, about midpoint between the horizon and zenith.