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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Poll results explain a lot about political rancor

13 Charts Show Startling Differences Between Liberals And Conservatives

We are perhaps more politically polarized today than we’ve ever been before. And that polarization is now showing up in more than just our political debate. It is actually now evident in the way we live our lives. A recent Pew Poll shows some very interesting new data on this very thing.

It seems that this partisan battling has done more than just make us polarized about our politics, it has also greatly increased the animosity felt for the opposing party, “bordering on a sense of alarm.” More than one third of Republicans and about a quarter of all Democrats now see the other party as a direct threat to our nation. This poll also shows that the more a person is politically involved, the more they are likely to be polarized and the more they believe in the threat of the opposing side.

 Seeing the Other Party as a Threat to Nation

A Rising Tide of Mutual Antipathy

Partisan Animosity and Political Participation

One of the very interesting things reveled in this poll is how our political views influence how we live our lives. Apparently there are distinct cultural and geographical preference differences between Conservatives and Liberals. The study says,
“If people living in ‘deep red’ or ‘deep blue’ America feel like they inhabit distinctly different worlds, it is in part because they seek out different types of communities, both geographic and social.”
The majority of Liberals prefer to live where the houses are somewhat smaller, but where many things are within walking distance. The more Liberal a person is, the more they choose to live in a city or suburb. While the majority of Conservatives prefer to live in larger houses further away from shops, restaurants, and schools. The more Conservative a person is, the more they prefer to live in a small town or rural area.

Liberals Want Walkable Communities, Conservatives Prefer More Room 
Conservatives Attracted to Small Towns, Rural Areas; Liberals Prefer Cities

For Liberals, about three-quarters of them say that ethnic and cultural diversity is extremely important to where they want to live. but among Conservatives, only one if five values this.

Most Conservatives instead say that it is far more important to them to live around people who share their religious beliefs. While only one in five Liberals say that this is an important factor in choosing where to live.

Ethnic Diversity More Important for Liberals, Faith Community More Important for Conservatives

Marriage to an Atheist Upsetting to Most Conservatives

Guess Who’s Coming? Ideological Differences in Views of Family Member Marrying Different Race, Gun Owner

The pollsters also asked people was how they felt about cable news. They asked both sides how they felt about both Fox and MSNBC in particular.

Fox News, MSNBC Stir Up Negative Views among Ideologically Consistent

Another thing that is very different between Libs and Cons is how they view compromise. Somewhere along the way, compromise has become a dirty word for the right. But it seems that the left feels quite the opposite.

Consistent Liberals Like Compromise in Principle

Conservatives Most Likely to Support No Limits on Gun Ownership

Most Who Oppose Path to Citizenship Favor Deporting All Here Illegally

Liberals Most Likely to Favor No Restrictions on Abortion