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Thursday, July 13, 2017

From the Worm Ladies of Charlestown

Your best resource for everything vermiculture!

The Worm Ladies of Charlestown, Inc. 

Change your world!  

Congressman Jim Langevin Tours the Worm Farm in North Kingstown

Left:  Congressman Langevin is watching the worms become separated from the castings.

Middle:  Jim Warner (who calls himself the worm Husband), Nancy Warner, Congressman Langevin, Conor Lally, Allsion Sharpe

Right:  Raising worms in a wind row.

The Worm Ladies of Charlestown invited Congressman Langevin for a tour of the Greenhouse space where they are raising worms that are producing castings (a wonderful soil enhancer.)
Conor (an honorable worm lady) runs the greenhouse.
Thanks to Stuart and Nancy for arranging this visit.

Our New Website Has Been Published

There are opportunities to sign up for The Worm Lady Network and for the email list that includes our newsletter.
There are information pages and a SHOP page.

North Carolina State's 18th Annual Vermiculture Conference  October 26-27, 2017
The James B. Hunt Jr. Library
Duke Energy Hall, 1070 Partners Way
   Raleigh, North Carolina 27606
Registration is now open.

Worms and castings and bins are available in North Kingstown and in Charlestown; however, it is best to call first--401-742-5915 or 401-322-7675.

Ready to begin vermicomposting--let us help you.
Ready to begin making your own aerated compost tea--we are here to help.

Are you a landscaper or do you run a nursery--we invite you to the hoophouse to learn the value of using castings and/or aerated compost tea.


The Worm Ladies are located in the fourth hoop house on the west side of the property 4W

161 East Beach Road Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813