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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trump frustrates Disney effort to include him in Hall of Presidents

Only Trump Could Create A Madhouse At Disney World

Image result for trump disney hall of presidentsOnly Donald Trump could create a madhouse at Disney World. Motherboard’s Kevin Wong reported: “Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents — closed for renovations since January 2017 in order to add a new Donald Trump robot — was originally scheduled to reopen with its new president in time for summer.” 

Now the opening is scheduled for fall. There has been tons of turmoil over whether or not the Trump robot would be speaking at the opening.

The Hall of Presidents showcases all the Presidents of the USA. The show uses life size robots that can speak, move, sit and stand. 

Bill Clinton was the first US president to speak when his robot was unveiled, then George Bush and Barack Obama followed suit. 

Trump has finally decided to have his robot speak at the opening after negotiations back and forth between the folks at Disney and the Trump communication team.

Each president recorded his own speech which is non-partisan and speaks about the glory of the United States. 

The transition from each president Clinton to Obama has been easy with no problems, until they got to Trump. 

Trump’s people have been very difficult, including wanting to write the robot speech with no collaboration. The people at Disney tried to explain the process and how they are involved.

According to sources close to the Disney PR folks, Disney bent over backwards to try and create a situation that would not be embarrassing for the president. 

However, true to form, Trump’s communication team managed to screw up and make a simple operation a PR nightmare.

A Trump Robot, now that is great idea. Depending on who programs it.