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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

From the Worm Ladies of Charlestown

Your best resource for everything vermiculture!

The Worm Ladies of Charlestown, Inc. 

Change your world!  

We LOVE Worms! Kindergartene Need Worm Books and Worm T-Shirts!
My students need worm t-shirts to show our worm bin pride, worm books including What is a Red Wiggler?, a food processor to purée food for our worms and a brick of coco coir bedding.

My Students
I teach a dynamic group of fabulous kindergarten students in an extremely diverse school in New York. My students love reading funny stories, writing, poetry, creating art, exploring in science, learning new words, building, dancing, singing, playing math games, playing with puppets and learning new facts. We are obsessed with our composting worm bin!

Kindergartene Need Worm Books and Worm T-Shirts!

My Project
My kindergarten class just set up a composting worm bin in our classroom and we absolutely love our worms! We are learning about how to set up a composting worm bin, what to feed our worms and the best moisture conditions for our bin. We are obsessed with learning facts about worms! Did you know that worms smell through their skin? Did you know that worms are both male and female? We can't get enough of learning about worms! In the spring, we are going to add worm castings to our school garden! I would love us to show our worm bin pride each Wednesday with all of us, including our Chef puppet, wearing matching"Ask Me About My Worms" t-shirts! It will be a Wiggling Worm Wednesday celebration each week! We really are becoming experts, and I know that my students will love answering questions from other kids and teachers in the school! We also need a food processor for our worms so we can puree food for them. This will make it easier for them to eat before food starts to rot and it will reduce the risk of a smelly bin (and then a smelly classroom)! We could use more books about worms including What is A Red Wiggler? and Kyle in His Compost Pile. My students will read these books while researching red wiggler worms during our expert book unit. They will then be able to add these books to their own personal home libraries!

Your donation will help my students to learn more about worms, feed our worms and show the school community that we are proud to be worm experts!

Where Your Donation Goes
Kids Ask Me About My Worms. Worm Composting T-Shirt 
What is a Red Wiggler? •ss
Kyle in His Compost Pile: The Story of a Red Wiggler •
Kids Ask Me About My Worms. Worm Composting T-Shirt
KitchenAid KFC3516GA 3.5 Cup Mini Food Processor, Green Apple • 

All donations currently doubled!
You can complete this project for $130


The Worm Ladies are located in the fourth hoop house on the west side of the property 4W

161 East Beach Road Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813