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Sunday, July 8, 2018

VIDEO: Beautiful night to see the Space Station over Charlestown

International Space Station flies over Charlestown tonight at 3:15 AM
By Will Collette

 To see this video on YouTube:

Let's make that early morning - 3:15 AM to be precise. At this time of year when the night time darkness is at its shortest, observation times tend to get a little strange.

Also, when the International Space Station's overflight is the furthest away from sundown or sunrise, the length of time it is visible gets shorter. In this case, two minutes.

The ISS will appear at 3:15 AM in the west at 39 degrees above the horizon.

It will climb to 53 degrees and then drop out of sight in the northeast at 27 degrees above the horizon.

The National Weather Service forecast for Charlestown tonight is clear and cool. Temperature should be at the predicted low of 58 degrees.

It's a lovely sight, quiet and majestic, and a reminder of the role science plays in our lives. 

You can get on NASA's e-mail list to receive notice of ISS overflights (CLICK HERE). That is, until Donald Trump decides to defund the program and give the ISS to his pal Vladimir Putin as a gift at their "summit" this week in Helsinki.

Here is the official notice I received: 
Time: Sun Jul 08 3:15 AM, Visible: 2 min, Max Height: 53°, Appears: 39° above W, Disappears: 27° above NE