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Sunday, August 5, 2018

ISS returns to C-Town sky tonight at 9:26 PM

ISS fly-over of Charlestown tonight 
By Will Collette

NASA space nasa earth nasagif GIF

Based on the current "mostly clear" weather report after a mostly sunny day from the National Weather Service, you should be able to watch the International Space Station fly over Charlestown tonight at 9:26 PM.

NASA fun space games bird GIFThis overflight will last two minutes, the amount of time the station catches enough of the sunlight over the bend of the horizon to be visible to us on the ground in Charlestown. 

Two minutes viewing time is pretty common. Six minutes of visibility is the maximum.

These passes over Charlestown happen several times a month either after sunset or before sunrise. I list them if the National Weather Service forecast looks good enough to give you a good chance to see it.

I enjoy the quiet serenity of our ONLY manned presence in space as it passes over our tiny patch of the planet.  

At 9:26 PM sharp, watch for the ISS to appear 35 degrees off the horizon in the northwest. 

It will arc to its maximum height of 79 degrees, almost directly overhead. It makes its two minute trip to the east southeast where it will see to disappear at 37 degrees over the horizon.

Here is the notice I just received from NASA: "
Time: Sun Apr 08 9:26 PM, Visible: 2 min, Max Height: 79°, Appears: 35° above NW, Disappears: 37° above ESE."