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Saturday, October 13, 2018

VIDEO: ISS flies over Charlestown tonight

International Space Station (ISS) makes four minute pass tonight and one tomorrow
By Will Collette

See this video on YouTube here:

The International Space Station has been flying over Charlestown every few days lately but I have not posted notice of the fly-over due to our poor viewing weather. If you can't see it, there's not much point in telling you where and when to look.

But tonight, the National Weather Service forecasts a "clear"sky for tonight compared to our current overcast conditions. Tonight's overflights will follow this schedule and path, according to NASA:
Time: Sat Oct 13 6:37 PM, Visible: 4 min, Max Height: 46°, Appears: 42° above WSW, Disappears: 10° above SSE 
You enroll for free membership in NASA's listserve for emails on overflights of the International Space Station. You can sign up to get those e-mails here.

There are six more overflights over Charlestown after tonight and through the end of October.

The silent majesty of its movements never get old, at least to me.

About the only human space exploration left is the International Space Station. While we wait for humanity to once again reach for the stars, we get to see the ISS serenely cross our skies on occasion when timing, their orbital path and the weather cooperate.

The future of the ISS is unclear. With the recent failure of the Russian Soyuz rocket (the ONLY way humans currently have to reach the ISS) and the Trump regime's interest in selling the station, probably to one of the Trump kids, the ISS is in trouble.

The station will be visible right at the designated start time and will arc over the sky until it reaches the point NASA designates where it will seem to vanish.

This is science, folks, so the times are exact.

We can see the ISS shortly after sunset and also shortly before dawn when the sun's rays hit it just right.