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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Food Bank offers healthy, nutritious muffin recipe

Healthy Habits Nutrition Education:
Eating Well on a Budget 

March is National Nutrition Month
The Healthy Habits nutrition education team at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank is focused on healthy eating everyday. They work with member agencies and their guests to teach them how to make nutritious meals on a limited budget, using ingredients frequently found at local food pantries.

Take a look at some of the workshops and classes offered and try out some of their healthy recipes at home. 

Fresh, Canned, or Frozen:
All Forms Matter

Try our Tropical Fruit Muffin Recipe and See For Yourself
One of the lessons of Healthy Habits is that it doesn't matter whether you eat fresh, frozen or canned produce - it's all good for you!

Check out our Tropical Fruit Muffin Recipe that you can make using any form of fruit. You can even try all three and see if you can tell the difference! 

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