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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Be Ready for Ticks



Be Ready for Ticks—Be TickSmart™


At TickEncounter, we are re-imagining the way people learn about ticks and tick-bite protection. Imagine if learning about ticks was fun … engaging … interactive … and still informative! Check out these innovative resources and tools to help you get TickSmart™.




Mom daughter walk in woods


Simple, Effective Strategies To Enjoy Nature and Avoid Ticks


TickSmart™ focuses on providing people at risk for dangerous tick encounters with simple, effective strategies—everyday practices—for tick-safe living. Our goal is to make tick-bite protection so easy that you’ll actually “do it.”  Get TickSmart™!


United States map


Use the Interactive Tick Map


Find a tick? Or just curious about tick activity in your region? Maybe you want to discover tick encounter risk across the country before your next trip? Pick a date and pick a state, then use our tool to get started. Explore the map.




Need Help Identifying Ticks?


Our TickSpotters program provides users with accurate, timely tick identification information, as well as science-based risk assessments tailored to their tick.


Our expert guidance empowers people to take best next actions following tick encounters to lessen their risk of future tick-borne disease and tick bites. Submit a tick.


Tick habitat sign


Post a Tick Habitat Sign


Our innovative QR code "Warning—Tick Habitat" sign provides anytime access to simple, practical ways for taking best practice actions to prevent or effectively deal with tick bites. Users just scan the QR code—it’s that easy! Purchase your sign today.


Dog sits in pile of leaves


TickSmart Google Calendar Offers Free Tick Reminders


Tick prevalence and behavior changes as their life phases do. We have put together a Google calendar to take the guesswork out of your tick prevention for you and your pets!


Add this free calendar to your existing calendar today, and be reminded when to take tick-specific actions! Add TickEncounter's Google calendar.