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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Local Catch

No, this article is not about a dating service, it's about food!

Since we have been in Rhode Island we've considered our CSA, Community-Supported Agriculture, share to be an absolute necessity of life. We mourn the end of one season and eagerly anticipate the start of a new one, picking up our produce at Greenview Farm on Tuckertown Road.

Yesterday was our first CSA pickup for the 2011 season so all is now right with the world. Greenview Farm has a waiting list for new customers but they are adding acreage next year so this is good time to get on the waiting list, if you're interested.

Moonstone Gardens is another CSA in our area, based at the wonderful Earth Care Farm here in Charlestown.

Captain Rich Cook
But this year we're extra excited because we also have a CSF available. CSF? That's Community-Supported Fishery and it's available through The Local Catch. The Local Catch is dedicated to marketing local seafood to local consumers and restaurants, filling a gap in our transportation-centric food supply system.

Like a CSA, the CSF offers a weekly share of seafood that is caught by local fishermen (yes, and women). This CSF was initially oriented toward customers closer to Providence but they are based in Narragansett and they are arranging a pick-up location in Westerly though it isn't mentioned on their CSF page. That location may move closer to us, especially if more people from Charlestown sign up. The website shows that the deadline for signing up is past but they assure us that they are still accepting share purchases. We will be picking up our first share this Friday.

Think about joining a CSA and/or CSF. It would be helping out your neighbors, keeping jobs local and reducing the transportation impact of your food.

Author: Tom Ferrio