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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Thank you, Sheldon Whitehouse

Whitehouse uses Kavanaugh’s own calendars, yearbook and notes to catch him in lies in his denials of attempted rape
By Will Collette

I want to share two articles with you about the stand our Senator Sheldon Whitehouse took during the confirmation hearings on Trump’s pick for Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh had, until Friday, tried to play the role of chaste, respectful altar boy, a man of impeccable character unstained by any sordid past.

None of what Dr. Christine Ford said about him could possibly be true. And to “prove” it, Kavanaugh introduced his calendars for his high school years at Georgetown Prep.

Personally, I think that Kavanaugh’s production of his calendar notes is enough to show he is unfit for the Supreme Court because they do not, to paraphrase Princess Bride, say what he thinks they say. I ask you - would any competent lawyer do that?

That’s where Sen. Whitehouse came in. Using Kavanaugh’s own calendars and notes, Whitehouse took him apart, focusing in particular on phrases and notes Kavanaugh himself wrote.

Before we move on to the two articles, I just want to note how stressful all this must be to Charlestown’s resident curmudgeon Jim Mageau, who took to the Letters to the Editor page of the Westerly Sun on September 21 to blast Senator Whitehouse. 

Mageau charged Whitehouse with engaging in “political theatre” and using unproven charges like this to destroy the family and reputation of an outstanding jurist” and calls for Whitehouse to be disbarred.

Well, Jim, a lot has changed since September 21. I wonder if you will now write a letter to the editor with your apology.

Here are two articles.


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