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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The South Kingston regularly posts somewhat amazing and amusing police reports from the region.

While their latest article has some great stories, fortunately none are from Charlestown. It is still worth a read; here is one example:

In this corner, Sledgehammer;
In this corner, Leafblower
A 40-year-old North Kingstown man was so annoyed by his neighbor’s mid-afternoon leafblower, that he met noise with brute strength. He began by asking the 60-year-old neighbor to turn off her leafblower, and when the woman said she’d be done in a few minutes, he went back home, came back with a sledgehammer and yelled, “I’ll stop it!” before hitting his front stairs with the sledgehammer. As officers placed him in the police cruiser following the arrest, the man allegedly told the officer, “I was only going to hit the blower, not her.”

You can see the rest of the reports here.

Excerpt republished with permission from South Kingston