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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Irene - worth watching

The National Hurricane Center is currently showing the track of Hurricane Irene taking it to New Jersey still carrying hurricane strength winds on Sunday around 2 PM.

The National Weather Service has gotten very good at predicting storm tracks, though they still don't have as good a record on predicting storm intensity.

Of course, it makes a big difference where within the "cone" - the predicted path - the storm actually does track.

Winds on the eastern side of a hurricane or tropical storm are generally a lot stronger than on the western side.

Right now, it looks most likely we will taste the winds on the eastern side.

If you aren't sure what you should do to be prepared for a tropical storm, go to Charlestown's official Emergency Management webpage for information and suggestions.

As the current map shows, the odds are pretty good that we will get tropical storm strength winds this weekend.

Be prepared. Stay safe.