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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Free Money for You!

When projects like the Ninigret Park wind turbine didn't pan out, the money for them, from Federal Stimulus funds was still available to the state for energy projects.

Now Alteris Renewables is responding to a Request for Proposal from the State and is looking for people interested in grants that can greatly reduce the cost of a solar energy system.

But you must act very fast!

The proposal Alteris is putting together will give purchasers of solar energy systems a grant of 20 to 25% of the cost. This is in addition to a 30% Federal tax credit that is available. The result is getting a system for half the usual cost, making it possible to install a system that provides less expensive electricity than you get from National Grid. And that's at today's prices, which are certain to increase in the future..

Alteris has to submit the proposal on Friday and needs the names of interested persons to put in the proposal. Because of the time necessary to analyze your site they may not be able to accept your name for the list after today! We have added the East Bureau Office of Progressive Charlestown to the list and I hope you think about it too.

For more information call Carl at 800-339-7804 extension 322.

Author: Tom Ferrio