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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Could it have been prevented?

In an interview published in today's Westerly Sun, Chariho Superintendent Barry Ricci says, "I struggle with what more we could have done to deliver the message about drinking and driving and seat belts. There were many opportunities to prevent this."

Of course he is referring to the terrible car crash of four Chariho High School students in Carolina a week ago.

The Westerly Sun article is available online here.

Danny Nesmith, grant manager and coordinator of the Chariho Tri-Town Task Force on Substance Abuse, said "I was shocked, I was disappointed it had happened. I was concerned about the kids and I still am ... I was questioning, what did we not do? What do we need to do differently? What could we have done to prevent this?"

I encourage you to read the entire article.

The article mentions that the tri-town task force will hold a public meeting Nov. 14 at Chariho Middle School to discuss the accident and exchange ideas on how to prevent underage drinking. The time is not mentioned in the article and I could not find anything online about this at this time.