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Saturday, December 17, 2011

OMG PD: Man Gets Mad, Christmas Tree Takes a Beating

Check out some of the most unusual police reports from around the state.
After becoming upset over a family issue, one Middletown man did the only rational thing possible: He took it out on the Christmas (or holiday, if you so please) tree. Police arrived at the man’s house at about 1 a.m. this week for reports of domestic disturbance. At the home, officers reportedly found the living room and kitchen in disarray and Christmas ornaments scattered about the floor. No tree was in sight. The man reportedly directed officers to the back door, where he had thrown the Christmas tree outside in his anger.

A Scituate teenager seemed a bit confused after attending a Providence College basketball game last week…or was it a Bruins game? A South Kingstown police officer pulled over the 19-year-old man after reportedly watching him swerve in and out of his lane. The officer noted the man was “very talkative” about the PC game he had been at earlier that night, detailing how he got the tickets and even where he sat. But then, when detailing his alcoholic consumption that night, the teen claimed he only had one sip of beer…at the Bruins game. He reportedly failed his field sobriety tests and registered a .136 and .134 on two breathalyzers.
One Cranston man received quite a surprise recently when he tried his own rendition of “Fast & Furious.” As the 24-year-old man tried to drift his 1995 Toyota Celica, he discovered that two police cruisers were sitting side-by-side in the parking lot he happened to be fishtailing into. One of the officers reportedly saw the man hit his brakes, which caused him to skid toward the cruiser – missing both police cars by mere feet. Along with the reckless driving, the man was driving without a license and records showed he has an expired learner’s permit in the state Department of Motor Vehicles database. He was also summonsed for speeding, failing to maintain control of a vehicle and illegal window tint. Police said the man was already serving a 78-month suspended sentence for a 2006 first-degree robbery charge that was amended to larceny from a person.

Never Leave a Man Behind? Not For This Guy

After crashing his yellow scooter, a 39-year-old Woonsocket man reportedly tried – unsuccessfully – to leave the scene of an accident. Unfortunately for him, the man left behind one crucial piece of evidence – his passenger, whom he unsuccessfully attempted to put back on the scooter after the accident. Watching the entire ordeal was a 16-year-old witness, who reportedly told police that the man returned to the scene of the accident and pretended he was not involved. When the witness told the man he’d seen the accident, the man tried to flee, but the witness made sure he didn’t escape a second time and pursued him. Police ultimately charged the man for driving under the influence .15 or greater (second offense) and failure in duty to stop.
A Barrington teen is facing charges of domestic assault and disorderly conduct this week after allegedly assaulting his mother. Police say the 15-year-old teen became enraged with his mother and assaulted her because she was punishing him. The root of the rage? The mother had banned him from going on Facebook or playing Wii video games.
One Massachusetts man made sure he discarded the evidence. Police reportedly pulled the man over in Little Compton for a motor vehicle violation. But before they could apprehend him, the man reportedly chewed up some crack cocaine rocks and spit them out. After finding a copper mesh (used in a pipe to smoke crack) and noticing residue on the man’s mouth consistent with crack, officers say the man admitted to chewing the crack rocks and spitting them out.

A Sex Tape Scandal in Newport?
A Tennessee man and member of the U.S. Navy is facing a slew of felony and misdemeanor charges for allegedly videotaping his estranged wife, also in the Navy, having sex with a man on three separate occasions. The husband, who triggered an investigation after he made allegations of adultery, sent a DVD of the acts to a naval investigator in Groton, CT. The investigator told police the man admitted to going into his wife’s home to place a camera in her bedroom and even went in again to reposition the camera to get a better angle. The woman went to Newport police to report the video voyeurism. Her husband was ultimately charged with three felony breaking and entering charges and three video voyeurism charges.