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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OMG-PD: Woman Dances, Shoplifts Her Way Onto Santa’s Naughty List

We compile the odd, unusual and ‘oh my gosh’ police items from throughout the region.

Trying to Get on Santa’s ‘Nice’ List
One North Kingstown woman had a unique way of trying to get on Santa’s “nice” list this year. South Kingstown police responded to the Wakefield Mall and arrested the 52-year-old woman after she reportedly shoplifted five DVDs — “Cinderella Man,” “Hellraiser,” “Alpha Dog,” “Direct Action” and “28 Days Later” — from FYE. Coincidentally, it wasn’t the only commotion she caused at the mall that day.

While investigating the alleged shoplifting, police spoke to the man portraying Santa Claus at the mall who told officers that the woman did a bit more than get her picture taken with Santa. She reportedly performed a lap dance on the jolly ole’ elf, made inappropriate gestures, and slapped one of Santa’s elves on the behind before leaving, but not before inviting the group to “come watch her at Cheaters.” The fun didn’t stop there as the woman also accused officers of “stealing her brain.”

Babystaci & Boo Boo
Typically in “OMG PD,” it’s the nature of the crime or the odd behavior of the suspects that gets a story in this feature. But, sometimes it’s just all in the name. A Woonsocket teen named Babystaci allegedly assaulted a 21-year-old friend. Yes, her name is Babystaci. Oh, and we forgot to mention that she also allegedly fought her boyfriend just before beating on her friend. His name? Boo Boo.

But It Hasn’t Even Snowed Yet…
We’re well into December and temperatures have been abnormally mild. But one East Providence man decided to get ahead of the game. Back in December, the 37-year-old man allegedly stole a snow plow from Warren. Police received a tip that the plow was being sold at a scrap yard in Tiverton. Tiverton police, in conjunction with Warren officers, were able to identify the man who brought the plow to Tiverton and charged him with receiving stolen goods.

Making the Officer’s Job Ridiculously Easy
Tiverton officers got an early Christmas gift this year in the form of a tragically easy arrest that arrived at their door. Literally. A 26-year-old Barrington almost drove into the Tiverton police station at 5:49 a.m. after it completely mounted the front curb of the station. When police contacted the driver, the man told them he “made a mistake” and “wanted to go home.” He was charged with drunk driving after officers reportedly noticed he smelled of alcohol and he allegedly failed a sobriety test.

Too Cool for School
Two Barrington High School girls face charges of truancy for missing what some would qualify as a substantial number of days. It’s understandable to want to enjoy the gorgeous weather this autumn has brought, but 300 combines missed days may be pushing it.

Can’t Drive 55
One Portsmouth teen was cited for speeding after an officer allegedly clocked him traveling at 112 mph. The aspiring Mario Andretti was charged with reckless driving. According to reports, the 18-year-old man told the officer he was speeding after getting in a fight with a friend earlier that night.