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Friday, December 23, 2011

The War on Christmas - the final days

Have yourself a merry little nitpick
DePetro and company crashing the State House
"holiday tree" lighting ceremony. Very classy.
By Will Collette

Each year, there are lots of stories about the alleged plot by progressives, communists, leftists, Muslims, Democrats and assorted others to undermine Christianity by "taking the Christ our of Christmas."

Like Gov. Lincoln Chafee's affront to all that is holy  when he followed Gov. Don Carcieri's precedent of calling the Christmas Tree at the State House a "holiday tree."

This sparked WPRO Radio shock jock John DePetro's  festive protest where he and his followers disrupt the tree-lighting ceremony, making the little kids in the children's choir cry when these "adults" drowned out the kid's carol-singing.

But I'd like to see DePetro pull that stunt with these folks....

I'd REALLY like to see John DePetro try to bust up
their "holiday" party
The National Rifle Association celebrates the "Holidays."

See the photo (right) showing how the NRA sent out its greetings to viewers of their syndicated television program. The NRA did, however, make up for their lapse in adherence to right-wing standards by sending out an annual fund-raising appeal asking NRA supporters to contribute to prevent a second term for President Obama. After all, as the appeal explained, we can't have "four more years of President Barack Obama imposing his anti-freedom values on the American people."

The Obama's Christmas Card
Fox News is really upset at the Christmas card sent out by the President and his family. Bad card, very bad card. First, there's no Christmas Tree in the picture, just a decorated room and a poinsettia with wrapped presents arrayed around it. And First Dog Bo sitting in front of a roaring fire. No angels. No creche. No religious ornaments. 

My favorite: Clinton's 1994 card. Art by
Thomas McKnight
Fox News commentator and erstwhile candidate Sarah Palin said on Fox that It’s odd,".she said, wondering why the president’s Christmas card highlights his dog instead of traditions like “family, faith and freedom. Even stranger than that was his first year in office when the Christmas ornaments included Chairman Mao, People had to ask that it be removed because it was offensive.” The part about the Chairman Mao ornament is flat-out wrong - never happened. It goes in the same drawer as the birth certificate flap.

As for the "family, faith and freedom" traditions, I understand about the family part. And I know the faith part is important to many people. I wonder what Ms. Palin had in mind for the freedom part - an Abrams tank decked out in Christmas lights?

Because Cathy and I supported Mr.Obama's election, we got the card. It was OK but nothing like some of the gorgeous cards the Clinton's sent out when they were in the White House. Their cards featured Socks the Cat.

Too Much Christmas Spirit?
Southern Manhattan was shocked over what happened when the annual SantaCon convention took place in lower Manhattan last week. Hundreds of drunken Santas spilled out of the Convention Center and into the streets, drinking and urinating without regard for local laws. They smashed beer bottles on the streets and sidewalks, and generally acted just a little too jolly for local taste. "The mayor put so much power on Occupy Wall Street, he had Downtown under lock and key — but he forgot about Santa," said Ann DeFalco, a member of Community Board 1's Seaport/Civic Center Committee. 

Making the best with what you've got
I know I'm going to get in trouble for this, but fair warning: if you don't like bad words associated with Christmas, stop reading. ...

click to enlarge
OK, there is a small village in Austria - I've never been there but I've read about it - that is trying to cash in on its name. The town was founded in the sixth century by a local nobleman named Lord Focko. Naturally he decided to name the village for himself and his family and added the suffix "ing" which in Austrian indicates "family of" and with a change of vowel, the town became the Town of F***ing. While the name of the town draws a lot of tourist traffic, the mayor says there is a down-side to the tourism - a lot of municipal signs get stolen. The town has had to embed much of its municipal signage in concrete to prevent theft. Rather than fight the trend, this year the town has attempted to cash in on their name with a line of Christmas cards that are sure to be huge sellers in years to come.