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Monday, January 23, 2012

Planning Commission documents missing key pages - RESTORED

Many Pages referenced in "Eleven Reasons" omitted from PC on-line document - now restored
By Will Collette

UPDATE: Mary Goff in our Town Planner's Office responded quickly to my call and got Clerkbase to restore the missing pages. You can now see the complete documents by clicking here.

Good job, Mary!

In my article, "Now there are ELEVEN reasons why the YMCA camp is a bad deal....," I make a number of references to the actual RIDEM grant application written by Planning Commissar Ruth Platner and submitted by the Charlestown Land Trust. That application is supposed to be accessible on-line here.

However, that version is was missing every other page, and this includes quite a few essential details. You'll see what I mean at the end of this article.

I have contacted Town Hall and they are trying to figure out how to correct this problem. In the meantime, you will have trouble finding the full document.

One of the most important  pages that had been missing is page two. This page summarized for RIDEM how the financing for the purchase of the YMCA Camp will be accomplished.

This page shows the estimated cost the Land Trust gave to RIDEM - $735,000, as opposed to the $946,000 they told the Town Council.

It shows how the purchase will be made with $367,000 in state funds and $368,000 from "private donations."

It shows that NO TOWN FUNDS are to be used for the purchase.

It's surprising the Planning Commissioners themselves didn't spot and correct this problem themselves, since they are supposed to use this document to guide their deliberations. But I suppose there's not much point in actually looking at the material when you plan to vote as you're told. But it's no wonder the Planning Commission would like to make this page disappear, given that they and the Land Trust want Charlestown taxpayers to put up almost half a million dollars.