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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some quick news about Progressive Charlestown

UPDATED: Cox "crisis" may be over; new content sharing partner; new way to post comments
By Will Collette

"All Clear" on Cox (we hope)
UPDATE: based on your comments and e-mails, it does indeed seem that the problems of blocked daily Progressive Charlestown summaries is resolved. It's now safe to sign up for them, if you don't get them already. Go to the right hand column, and down just a few inches to "Be Notified of New Articles" to sign up.


COX CRISIS. Well, our long local nightmare with Cox Communications may be over. Cox subscribers - and some others - have not been able to get their morning summary of the previous day's Progressive Charlestown articles because Cox was interpreting it as spam. We had recommended a number of technical fixes to the problem, but it was really a problem that never should have happened.

As of this morning, that problem seems to have stopped. I received mine at my e-mail addresses and got other reports from readers who report they got theirs, too. Please let us know, by comment or at whether you are getting your daily summaries again. Or not.

NEW CONTENT-SHARING PARTNER. After a hiatus, Rhode Island's only truly progressive statewide blog, Rhode Island's Future, is back in business and better than ever. We've made the same arrangement with them that we have with EcoRI and South Kingstown Patch to share content, meaning you'll see some articles we think you might like on Progressive Charlestown, and RI Future will run pieces from PC that they like.

NEW WAY TO POST COMMENTS. Our site's platform, Blogger, has added a new wrinkle to commenting. Now you can start a conversation string by posting a comment that is a response to a specific comment. It's new and we've heard there may be some bugs with that system, but haven't experienced them yet.

As always, we ask all commenters to sign their work (through the log-in process or in the body of your comment, such as right at the beginning or at the end - there are lots of examples for how to do this). We are far more likely to reject an anonymous comment than one that is signed.

If you want to attack somebody in your comment, you'd better have evidence of your claim or we won't print your comment. And try to be original. You're just taking up space if all you do is repeat the same argument or keep bringing up points that have been asked and answered.