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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Charlestown Shooting

Charlestown Police Department Press Release

At approximately 10:00 p.m. Thursday night, the Charlestown Police Department responded to 31B Lauri Drive, Apartment 3B in Charlestown, Rhode Island, for a noise complaint.  This is a multi-unit apartment complex.  A resident complained that an individual, identified as Gerald D. Bates, age 46, was playing loud music in his vehicle for over an hour.

As a Charlestown Police Department officer approached the residence, we allege that Mr. Bates exited his vehicle and ran into the apartment and locked the door.  We further allege that he then exited his apartment by a rear window and fled into the adjacent wooded area.  The Charlestown Police Officer encountered a heavily intoxicated individual, identified as Gerald Bates. Bates believed he had an active warrant for his arrest, that is why he ran and later fought with the officer.  He could not be located, and 30 to 35 minutes later he returned to his residence and was encountered by Charlestown Police Department officers. 

The Charlestown Police Department Officer gave a verbal command to Mr. Bates to get on the ground.  We allege that Mr. Bates did not comply and then charged after the officer and knocked him to the ground.  A physical struggle ensued. 

During the altercation the officer was struck in the head with what we believe was the officer’s portable radio.  During the altercation the police officer discharged his weapon three times. The three rounds did not strike the suspect or the police officer.  During the altercation, other members of the Charlestown Police Department responded.  They deployed their department issued tasers in an effort to subdue Bates.  He was tasered two times before he complied. 

He was taken into custody.  Bates sustained lacerations to his head and face.  The officer was treated for lacerations to his face and back.  A second officer sustained lacerations to his hand.  All were treated and released.  

The facts alleged are clearly supported by numerous eye witnesses in the apartment complex area.

Mr. Bates was charged with:

1.)          Assault on a police officer,
2.)          Obstruction of justice, and
            3.)        Resisting arrest

He was arraigned by The Honorable Mary E. McCaffrey, Associate Judge, in Fourth Division District Court, and released on $2,000 with surety bail.  His next court date is March 20th for a pre-arraignment conference.

EDITOR'S NOTE: According to the Westerly Sun, Bates told the judge at his arraignment that he was "drunk," "scared" and "stupid."