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Monday, February 13, 2012

OMG PD: No Love For Coke

Tales from Rhode Island's police blotters

Apparently Pot Doesn't Count?
A Providence woman had a bizarre interaction with Narragansett police that ended with her being charged with pot possession. Police responded to a 911 call to find the woman and a 64-year-old man denying they ever made the call. When police traced the call back to a cell phone in the woman's coat, they noticed the coat and phone smelled of marijuana. When asked about the odor, the woman responded, "I don't have any crack" and added "Nope. No crack. No coke." When police found a small amount of pot in her purse, the woman said, “It’s just a little weed, so what, I’ve been clean.”

You Want Cuffs With That?
A South Kingstown woman received disorderly conduct charges after allegedly throwing her Coke at a pregnant manager of McDonald's. The woman reportedly ordered a No. 12 meal with a Coke, which costs $6.90. McDonald's employees told police the driver questioned the total, thinking she was overcharged. After employees explained to her that the sandwich alone would go for a cheaper price than the meal – which comes with fries and a drink – the woman agreed to pay for the meal. Minutes later, she was back at the drive-through, this time allegedly screaming to the employees that the listed price for the sandwich was $4.19. When the manager attempted to mediate, the customer reportedly threw her Coke through the drive-through window.

Cautionary tale: Cab fare, daycare fees don’t bundle.
Newport police charged a man with evading to pay his cab fare. Police were dispatched for a report of man who had no money to pay for his $6.50 fare. The driver reportedly told police the man was bringing his children to daycare, and said he thought the daycare would pay for the ride. The father left to check with the daycare to see if they would pay and returned with no money. The cab driver called police.

Sibling rivalry inspires videogame larceny
A Tiverton woman recently received domestic larceny charges after reportedly stealing and selling her brother's copy of the popular Xbox game, Skyrim. Police received a call from the mother stating her daughter stole Skyrim from her brother. Police then spoke to the son, who said he was in a fight with his sister after he noticed his game missing. Police then followed up with a GameStop in nearby Fall River, MA, and confirmed the transaction was made by the sister.

Sushi thief becomes catch of the day
A woman nearly escaped a Portsmouth grocery store with a hefty supply of Dragon and Rainbow rolls before employees caught her. Employees reportedly saw the woman place $20 worth of sushi into her purse and attempted to leave without paying. She was charged with shoplifting.

Woman fails to laugh off DUI charge
Police charged a South Kingstown woman with drunk driving, with a BAC over  0.15, after she reportedly had a hearty laugh in handing over her information. The woman was stopped for speeding and reportedly smelled of alcohol. When asked to hand over her license, registration and insurance, she laughed and didn't give up until the third time officers demanded it.