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Friday, February 17, 2012

Poverty Institute Becomes Economic Progress Institute

The name changes, but the mission will stay the same

Over a year ago I (and many others) had conversations with a consultant who was working with the Poverty Institute to rebrand their image.  And today, in coordination with the annual Budget Rhode Map, the Poverty Institute is officially changing its name to the Economic Progress Institute.  And they have a flashy new website designed by the local web development firm Embolden.

From Jennifer Leigh, Communications Director of the  Economic Progress Institute:

A bit of background on the name change: We have always been about creating opportunities and economic progress for all Rhode Islanders. Over the past decade, as our organization grew and our scope of work expanded, we decided that we needed a name that is aspirational, speaks to what we stand for, and reflects the reality that we have become advocates not only for those living in poverty, but for the growing number of middle-income Rhode Islanders struggling to make ends meet.
While our name is changing, our mission is not. We are still the voice for low- and modest-income Rhode Islanders, and we will continue to work to promote policies to improve the economic vitality of Rhode Island and its residents.
The truly observant will notice the name is eerily similar to another great research think tank in Washington DC, the Economic Policy Institute.  Great minds think alike.