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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Charlestown Dems call out CCA on claims of "honesty"

"Where is the CCA's honesty?"

Catherine O’Reilly Collette, chair
Charlestown Democratic Town Committee

The Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA), in a recent email and posting on its website, states, “The Charlestown Democratic Town Committee finds no problem with the Town Administrator’s behavior. CCA disagrees. Honesty matters.”

We have to ask, where is the CCA’s honesty? The fact is that the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) has not taken a formal position on the Town Administrator’s actions, which are a personnel matter that should not be politicized as the CCA is doing. Several of our members have indeed spoken and written eloquently as individual citizens in support of Mr. DiLibero and our hard-working town staff, as is their right. They have challenged the unfair and unfounded attacks coming from the CCA members of the Council, Tom Gentz and Dan Slattery.

As events have unfolded, the CCA’s attacks against town staff, and against the CDTC, have been shown to be deceptive and distorted to suit the CCA’s interests, particularly their outlandish claims that the town must yield control of Ninigret Park to the federal government.

The CDTC looks forward to debating the CCA over the issues that matter to Charlestown voters, such as fair taxes, sensible land use and environmental protection, our local economy, the educational, housing and recreational needs of our children, and what constitutes good government.

We will debate them over the issues of adherence to the Town Charter and the CCA’s practice of bypassing or abusing the many civic-minded volunteers who serve on town Commissions, when it suits the CCA agenda.

We will do so as a Town Committee as well as in our own names. We will encourage and support individual townspeople to bring their own points of view to the debate. We will not speak anonymously or speak on issues without a thorough search for and understanding of the facts relating to those issues.

If “honesty matters” to the CCA, the CDTC calls on them to actually practice it, rather than use it as a slogan to attack others. 


  1. Well said C.O.Collette,a live public debate among the town Republican & Democratic town party chairperson and CCA Representative would illuminate the online shadow political lies.
    Has the town Republican town political party been marginalized by a minority Political Action Committee? Does the CCA political action committee voice all conservative views, exclusively and domineeringly? Has CCA political action committee become Charlestown's version of Fox News affiliate? Do we really know what constitutes a political action committee and its intended mission? Political action committees do not do reportage. It is a propaganda organ to stroke partisans and provide disinformation- a political correct term when applying confusion and free speech lies. We all hold public free speech dear, but does our endearment include political action committee (self interest) disinformation and propaganda? Does CCA political action committee members acting in the capacity as town official promote the democratic process? Has Charlestown politically been reorganized in to a Political Action Committee?
    Am I alone with these observations?

    1. No, Anonymous, you are not alone in these observations. I too have a big, big problem with a self-proclaimed "nonpartisan" organization that claims to promote issues over politics and yet makes no effort whatsoever to find common cause with the town's political parties over any of the issues they claim to promote. I also find it very unseemly for a political action committee to be conducting a witch hunt against town staff. How on earth is the town supposed to be able to recruit and retain effective employees when their job performance is being judged not on how well they carry out their duties but on how well their actions conform to CCA doctrine?

  2. CCA - honesty ? Contradiction in terms!

  3. I would imagine you will find that there are Dems and Reps outraged by CCA actions. I think you are going to find CCA is a group of people with like minds belonging to both sides of the aisle, that are not politically motivated but are motivated by a common cause, such as when they wanted to oust Jim Mageau. After reading all the blogs, it seems they want to oust lighting, children, cats, the Administrator, Parks and Rec., Affordable Housing and the Conservation Commission. In other words, keep Charlestown the way it is, don't add anything, except open space and dark skies.

    I also see where they give instruction to the staff then admonish them for it. Bill, I hope you have copies of the instruction and then the admonishment for your next employer to show the inconsistencies. This makes no sense at all.

    I can only wonder how the employees of the town can work under these conditions.

    Another day for me to Thank the Lord for my 30 years in so I could retire last April.


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