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Thursday, April 5, 2012

OMG PD: Sleeping Beauties and a Family Affair

A look at the interesting arrests across the region.
From Narragansett-South Kingstown Patch

Sleeping Beauties

The arrest of two Massachusetts men in East Providence this week seemed more like a scene out of a Seth Rogen comedy flick than real life. Officers found reportedly three men asleep in a running car in the wee hours of the night…in the middle of the road. 

When officers attempted to wake the men, one passenger reportedly opened the door to vomit. But, the fun didn’t end there as officers allegedly found bags of cocaine and a knife on one passenger and a pill of Clozapine on one of the seats. All three were brought to Rhode Island Hospital

The dozing driver was charged with driving under a suspended license and driving in possession of narcotics with intention to distribute. His passenger was charged with possession of a weapon and possession of narcotics with the intention to distribute. The third passenger was not charged.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

When naming things you shouldn’t hand to an officer of the law, a joint of marijuana might be toward the top of that list. Tell that to one 24-year-old Barrington man who did a superb job of practically arresting himself. After an officer initially pulled him over for an expired registration sticker, the man allegedly handed the officer his license, registration…and a joint. He is charged with possession of marijuana, his first offense.

The Long Arm of the Law Makes a ‘Catch’

Responding to a 911 hang-up, one officer literally “caught” an arrest in Narragansett. After police knocked on her door several times, the 52-year-old woman opened the door and stumbled down the front steps, almost falling before an officer caught her. According to reports, the woman got into a fight with a man at her home after she drank “too much wine.” The woman allegedly assaulted the man, even throwing her wine bottle at him and biting his thumb. She was charged with domestic disorderly conduct.

Man Throws Drink at Bartender Over $4 Tab

It seems one Connecticut man never learned the adage “pick your battles.” Narragansett police arrested the 22-year-old man at a local bar after he threw a drink in the bartender’s face. Why? According to the bartender, the man allegedly refused to pay his bar tab…which totaled $4. When police arrived, staff members were escorting him out as he screamed obscenities. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

A Family Affair

Johnston police arrested a 21-year-old bartender for serving her 20-year-old brother at a local club after the younger sibling allegedly fled the club when he saw the cops arrive. While two officers were conducting a routine check of the bar, a neighbor called HQ and said that a man had just jumped into his yard and was trying to hide. Once found, the brother said he tried to run because he was not old enough to legally buy alcohol, and told officers his sister had served him. The cops got a bonus third suspect on underage alcohol possession when another of the bar's customers admitted to being 20.