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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Verdict

Town Administrator DiLibero resigns
By Will Collette

In the climax of one of the most disgusting, twisted campaigns of misinformation Charlestown has seen in many years, embattled Town Administrator William DiLibero tendered his resignation which will become effective on June 18.

This action was conducted in closed 90 minute Executive Session meeting of the Council on Thursday, April 9.

DiLibero learns that, in Charlestown, no good
deed or good service goes unpunished
The Council majority, which is controlled by the Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA), would have almost certainly have fired DiLibero had he not resigned.

The CCA and its two Council members, Council Boss Tom Gentz and Deputy Dan Slattery have mounted a vicious “Kill Bill Campaign” against DiLibero for the past several weeks.

Once Councilor Lisa DiBello was cleared to vote on DiLibero's fate, the CCA had the three votes it needed to fire DiLibero. DiBello's ability to participate came due to a bizarre ruling by the RI Ethics Commission that it did not present a conflict of interest for DiBello to vote to fire the guy who fired her - and who is also one of the lead defendants in DiBello's lawsuit against Charlestown. 

Four of the five Councilors returned to the Town Council chambers for a brief public session consisting of Boss Gentz announcing DiLibero’s resignation and that he will be give four months’ pay as severance. Councilor Gregg Avedisian was angered and disgusted by the attacks on DiLibero and chose not to participate in the final part of the spectacle.

No announcement was made of an interim Acting Town Administrator.

The Town Council’s next “regular” meeting – actually the second for April and aimed at covering left-over items from their April 9 meeting – will be held next Monday, April 23. The major topics for that meeting includes agenda item 8.h. which is listed as a discussion and possible action to name a new acting Town Administrator.

That item now takes on added significance.

Nearly all of the rest of the April 23rd meeting deals with the series of resolutions Deputy Dan Slattery first floated more than a month ago as part of the “Kill Bill” campaign.

At the end of the April 19 meeting, only Councilor Slattery stayed around – Councilors DiBello and Frank left quickly and Boss Gentz went into a private meeting with Town Treasurer Pat Anderson. Councilor Avedisian had already left.

Deputy Dan actually did a little victory dance and celebration with the small coterie of CCA people – including such notables as Cliff Vanover, Ruth Platner, JoAnn Stolle, Ron and Maureen Areglado - who had come expecting an execution.

They got what they wanted and now they will be stuck with the consequences.

Stay tuned to see who gets picked as the next CCA target.