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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getcher Rain Barrels – order by June 2

Conservation Commission lines up a deal
By Will Collette

While we’ve had some rainy days lately to make up for our rain deficit, there’s no telling what summer will be like. We had a record mild winter and almost no snow. We could have a scorching hot summer with little rain. Or not.

Either way, it is a smart move to conserve our ground water – all of us in Charlestown draw well water for our home use, whether or not we have a drought.

The Conservation Commission has lined up a deal with The RI Water Lady to offer you a deal on a top-quality rain barrel and the fitting that makes it easy to hook-up to your downspout. For $100, you can get the barrel and the fitting ($75 for the barrel alone).

This is much less than what Home Depot has to offer – click here  to check for yourself. They charge $100-$109 for the barrel (compared to $75 through the Conservation Commission’s deal) and $40 for the diverter, compared to $25.

Keep reading to see the details.