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Monday, May 7, 2012

Important meeting TONIGHT

Y-Gate funding on the agenda for public hearing on the Town Budget
Will voters get their right to vote?
By Will Collette

The arguments have been made on the merits of spending $475,000 for the YMCA's busted-out campground. Critical decisions are going to be made on TONIGHT (7 PM, Town Hall).

One of the key questions is whether Charlestown citizens' right to vote on the $475,000 Y-Gate proposal before the Town gives our money away.

To make informed decisions:
  • The proposed Charlestown Budget for Fiscal Year 2013 - click here.
  • What the Town Charter says about your right to vote, click here.
  • Background on the decision to pay cash for the YMCA campground from the town's surplus: read here.
  • For articles about this long-standing controversy, read the articles here (most include links to key documents): click here.
And if you had the choice ....