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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


OMG-PD: Human Traffic Barrier and Couple Fights Cops

By Matthew Sanderson

Man Run Over Trying to Stop Driver
An allegedly drunk driver pulled into Metacomet Country Club in East Providence and one vigilant citizen decided he would not let him leave. Following the erratic driver's Dodge into the country club parking lot, the man stood in front of the vehicle to take down his license plate number and corral it until officers arrived, according to police. 

That's when the drunk driver allegedly drove his vehicle into the man's leg, breaking a front light and sending the him onto the hood of the car. The man allegedly tried to grab the windshield wiper for support but fell to the ground. 

A witness came to help and a fight ensued. Police arrived and placed the drunk driver in the back of a cruiser, and he reportedly kicked at the inner cage and screamed. He was charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest, simple assault and battery, driving without a license, vandalism to property and refusing to submit to a sobriety test.

Feuding couple gangs up on cops
Woonsocket police had their hands full with one couple, who let them into their home after a report of a dispute, and then the two allegedly decided they were above the law.

Two responding officers first met with the woman, who stated she wanted the man in her house removed from the property following an argument over a past relationship and added the argument had not become physical. Officers next spoke with the man, who first gave a fake name and reportedly had a strong stench of alcohol. 

The man reportedly admitted he gave a fake name. When an officer asked him for ID, he reortedly took it from his wallet and flicked it at the officer, causing it to bounce off his uniform and hit the floor.At this point, the officers told the man that he would be arrested.

The man took the news without reaction, except to begin drinking from a can of Bud Light beer. One officer grabbed the man's left arm. That's when the man allegedly attempted to punch the officer in the face with the beer can, and began resisting arrest. 

The two fell down in the struggle. The second officer attempted to assist, but was allegedly attacked from behind by the woman. They also fell down in a struggle. A third officer arrived and was able to secure the scene, but not after getting some bruises of his own. After arresting the couple, the officers also found a smoking pipe with what later tested positive for marijuana.

Excuse Me, You Dropped Your Lip gloss At the Crime Scene
A trail of women's cosmetic products led East Providence police to find a woman who allegedly broke into a home and assaulted an elderly man. Police received a 911 call reporting that a 78-year-old man woke up to find a woman assaulting him, and she fled the home shortly after allegedly causing a bloody cut near his left eye. 

According to reports, the assailant left baby powder, lip gloss, fake eyelashes and money on neighboring lawns. Officers soon found the woman crouching between a nearby fence and a shed, and arrested her. They also reportedly found towels stolen from the home stuffed in her shirt, and confiscated oxycodone pills from her possession.

Not Just a Desk Job
He may the deputy chief of the Johnston Police Department, but David DeCesare recently showed that he'll still get down and dirty on the job after he chased a suspect through a wooded area in Johnston

After an engineer at WPRO radio called the local department to report sighting a man trying to cut copper pipe from a transmission tower — and as a patrolman was en route — DeCesare notified headquarters that he was involved in a foot pursuit of the suspect. After emerging from the woods, presumably in less-than-spotless condition, DeCesare identified the suspect, who'd been nabbed by other officers in the meantime.