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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Cavalier Boater And A Near Miss From Magnum

"What do you mean I can't take this boat out? I'm a New Yorker."
Barrington police were called last Wednesday evening to question a young man getting out of a row boat at a private dock in Barrington who used the vessel without permission.

The man admitted it was not his boat, which is owned by a Warren man. He said “the current in the river was too strong” and he could not return the boat to the other side, LaCross said. He was looking for a ride back to his cousin’s house.

Barrington police said the man was from New York and was visiting a cousin in Warren. He took the boat to simply go for a ride across the river, police said. The owner of the boat did not want to press charges after it was returned to him.

It could have been a deadly game of X-Box...
A bullet from a mishandled magnum grazed a teenager's face after a bullet shot accidentally from a neighbor's a revolver flew through a nearby house and almost hit him while playing video games.

He was unhurt, but white plaster from the wall coated his face, according to police. According to reports from neighbors, the bullet also almost hit children located in one of the apartment rooms. 

The bullet continued through another wall in the living room, finally becoming lodged in a downstairs bedroom closet.

Attic visitors trigger alarm, start altercation:
Squirrels triggering a burglar alarm had the neighbors of a 60 Rumstick Road homeowner quite upset last Saturday afternoon.

The owner of the home at 60 Rumstick Road was away on a vacation in Mexico when his alarm continued to blare. The owner could not be reached.

A neighbor on Thomas Street contacted the police about 2 p.m. to deactivate the alarm, triggering another complaint of disorderly conduct. She said the alarm company owner made threatening comments after she complained about the alarm to the firm’s dispatcher. No one was charged.

The homeowner returned on Sunday to find the alarm deactivated. He also found the cause of the commotion: squirrels going into and out of his attic, which the motion detector picked up to trigger the burglar alarm.

At least he didn't disturb his mother's grave:
 A Johnston man faces several felony charges after police allege he stole as many as 75 brass vases installed near headstones at a local cemetery and sold them for scrap. An officer investigating the case at Highland Memorial Park reported that he found 20 of 21 vases missing in one area — the one left belonged to the suspect's mother. 

The price of the vases was $365 each through the cemetery; police reported the scrap value was about $270 — total.

Rollin' like a gangsta — and charged like one:
After Johnston Police pulled over the car driven by a 19-year-old Providence man on May 6 for illegal tint on the car's windows, they found more than an ounce of pot, $975 in cash, three knives, a bottle of Ciroc vodka, and a handgun — one that turned out to be an air soft (pellet) replica of a Sig Sauer P228. 

The passenger, also 19, was arrested for misdemeanor possession, while the driver earned a stay at the ACI while he awaits trial on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.