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Thursday, May 31, 2012


'Raging' Drivers; Biting and Huffing

Road rage got the better of a 20-year-old Barrington man late Wednesday morning, May 23, after he allegedly pounded on the roof of a car driven by a woman with a baby in the back seat after he thought she cut him off at an intersection.

Both vehicles pulled off County Road in Barrington into the Police Cove parking area. While the woman was contacting the police, the man allegedly ran up to her vehicle and began pounding on the roof while yelling at her. Several police patrol cars raced to police cove, police said. 

The man allegedly ran off into the nearby residential neighborhood after seeing the approaching patrol cars. He was caught within minutes in the backyard of a nearby house.

Man punches out window, cuts up driver's arm
Woonsocket Police responded to Sam's Smoke/Food Store on May 15, when a male passenger allegedly became upset in a vehicle after the female driver nearly struck another car, and punched out a window. 

The officer noticed lacerations on the man's arm, and transported the man to Landmark Medical Center for treatment before taking him to police headquarters. 

Woman carrying contraband gives ex-flame chest bite
Police charged a Tiverton woman with domestic assault and cocaine possession after she allegedly bit a man in the chest during an argument on May 24, at a Lake Road home.

Police responded to the home that morning for a report of a domestic assault, and spoke to a man who described his alleged assailant as an "on again, off again" girlfriend. 

In speaking to the victim, the man said he got into an argument with the woman, when she allegedly bit him in the left breast area of the chest. Officers verified the bite mark.

She left the scene, and officers were able to pull her over shortly after. During an inventory search, police allegedly found three plastic baggies and a folded $1 bill, containing a substance that tested positive for cocaine. Police also reportedly found a knife with a blade longer than three inches.

Man huffs spray paint, cracks store door
East Providence Police found a 28-year-old man lying in a Walgreens back parking lot this past week after he allegedly huffed spray cans and damaged the door of a nearby business.

According to reports provided by the department, when officers arrived at the parking lot, the man was sick and unresponsive. Before passing out, he allegedly fell over and cracked a glass door at AC Coverings Inc., according to the report. Police took note of a fresh abrasion near his eye.