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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reminders for Charlestown residents

Coming up over the next seven days
By Will Collette

Get help for federal problems.

On May 31st, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is sending his constituent service staff to set up a shop in Charlestown. If you have trouble with a federal agency – e.g. veterans’ benefits, Medicare, Social Security, small business loan, etc. – the Senator would like to make it more convenient for you to sit with one of his staff who can help you with the problem. 

His staff will be set up at the Cross Mills Public Library on Thursday from 5 PM to 7 PM. To ensure they have enough people on hand, they’re asking you to RSVP for Thursday, May 31st

Duck and Cover.

Also on May 31st, hunting in Burlingameand Arcadia ends. You can come out of your bomb shelters, until the next time. 

Getcher Rain Barrels.

June 2 is the deadline to order a rain barrel set-up, arranged by the Charlestown Conservation Commission.   A high quality barrel and an easy-to-use hook-up to your downspouts costs you $100 compared to around $150 if you buy the same set-up from Home Depot. To order, e-mail the  The RI Water Lady 

Vote on Charlestown’s Budget.

On June 4, make sure you go to Town Hall between 8 AM and 8 PM to vote on the Town budget for municipal operations (voters have already voted on, and approved, the Chariho schools portion of the budget). I’ll be going into more detail on the budget, but suffice to say that now that the Town Council has removed the $475,000 they had planned to spend on the Y-Gate Scandal, the budget going to the voters is now pretty clean and non-controversial, despite the proposed 3% property tax hike.

Last year's big score - Henry Walsh's duck plucker
And by the way, voting day, June 4th, is a MONDAY, not the usual Tuesday polling day.

Charlestown Democrats want your stuff.

There’s going to be another of the CDTC’s fabulous tag sales on July 7. But until then, the committee is collecting stuff to sell. Contact CDTC Treasurer Frank Glista know by e-mail if you want to donate stuff – doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it is saleable – for the tag sale. If you’d prefer to simply give to the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee directly, click here.

With DiLibero gone, who will be the next CCA target?
Bring on the Next Victim!

The Town Council wants to find volunteers to serve on yet another Search Committee to hire another Town Administrator. Since the CCA’s successful “Kill Bill” Campaign ousted Bill DiLibero, Town Treasurer Pat Anderson has been serving as Acting Town Administrator. 

But to find a “permanent” replacement (somebody willing to put in one or two years of agonized service before they, too, are ousted), this Search Committee will be needed to evaluate applications and interview candidates.

Besides, after the hatchet job the CCA did on Bill DiLibero, I would automatically disqualify any applicant for being either failing to do their homework on Charlestown or too crazy to be suitable. 

There are only five months left before Election Day when the chances are the voters might want to see some changes on the Town Council. But the CCA-dominated Council seems to be in a hurry to put the CCA stamp on Charlestown. Perhaps their polling numbers are showing them that this may be their last chance.