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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In only four days, you're in for a treat

You will be truly amazed by the Charlestown Dems July 7 tag sale
Rev. Harold Camping predicts you will feel better if
you spend lots of money at the CDTC's tag sale on July 7
By Will Collette

The Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC), of which I am a proud member, is gearing up for one of its world-renowned tag sales on July 7, starting at 8 AM on Old Post Road near the corner of Genwood Drive.

I looked in Frank Glista's garage earlier this week and it is literally packed to the rafter with goodies for the sale. And, believe me, not all of it is junk.

I've also seen the great collection of jewelry that Cathy Collette has collected - at the last two sales, Cathy has coordinated the special jewelry table that, to my surprise, has turned out to be one of the big hits of the sale. Cathy has shaken down just about every member and friend of the Committee to put together a first-rate collection of very nice costume jewelry.

And, at this tag sale, you'll get a chance to meet the Charlestown Democrats' slate of candidates. There will be a special table where you can sign the Nomination papers for these candidates to ensure they get on the November ballot.

Who can forget last year’s “It’s Not the End of the World” CDTC tag sale. Thanks to Dr. Harold Camping’s predictions (two of them) that the world was going to come to an end, many Charlestownians decided that what was the point of hanging on to material possessions when the world was going to end – so they donated their stuff to the CDTC. Afterwards, we sold them their stuff back at a modest mark-up.

Much missed: Henry Walsh's duck plucker, sold at last year's "It's
Not the End of the World" CDTC tag sale
Who can forget the amazing sale of Henry Walsh’s “traditional historic district” Duck Plucker? That duck plucker has been a fixture at CDTC tag sales going back to Andrew Jackson’s administration. But last year, it finally sold to a collector for $3,700.000. We’re still looking for that collector, BTW – the check didn’t clear.

All the money you spend at the July 7 tag sale will help the Charlestown Democrats raise money to counteract the anticipated flood of out-of-state funds the CCA will probably collect.

It's also a good thing for the environment by reusing somebody's else's donated stuff. Recycling and reuse at its best.