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Monday, July 16, 2012

Financial help for aspiring writers

I nominate Mike Chambers in the fiction category
By Will Collette

Three aspiring Rhode Island writers may be in line to get $25,000 fellowships through a newly announced grant program being administered through the Rhode Island Foundation (RIF).

The money comes through the Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowship, an annual contest that rotates between writers, composers and artists on a three-year cycle. This year, the fellowships go to writers (fiction, poetry, non-fiction, play-writing, screen-writing and a broad “new genre” category).

 The fellowships are awarded on merit based on complete applications that must be filed on-line by September 4.

Click here for complete details.

You must be a Rhode Island resident and a writer near the beginning of your writing career. Students in a degree-granting program are not eligible (so you can’t recycle your term papers) and well-established writers are not eligible.

Although the money is granted without conditions, fellowship recipients are expected to concentrate on improving their craft and advancing their art. At the end of the fellowship period, you will be expected to file a report describing what you did to grow as a writer.