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Friday, July 20, 2012

Speculations on the aftermath of Y-Gate

Uh-oh, I was afraid of this…
By Will Collette

This is what happens when a Progressive-Charlestown occasional contributor who prides himself on ignoring deadlines gets head-locked by writer’s block in spite of himself…and stumbles upon the Breaking News post of the Y-camp sale. [E-mail re-printed with Bob's permission]

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Yarnall
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 11:35 PM
To: Will Collette
Subject: y scoop

Is it an amusement park...or a wind generator? Larryland
at Sonquipaugia
This could be one of those blockbuster NBA-type deals.

Larry buys the Y camp straight up for $500,000. He sells Whalerock to the CLT for $3 million. The town antes up $2.5 of the money and gets a conservation easement in return.

From the highest point on Whalerock, people can throw tomatoes at a couple of homes on Partridge Run. If hey can't reach Partridge Run, they can throw them onto Quail Run. Joe Dolock and I will pick them up and lob them at their intended destination, along with some old clam cakes.

Finally, Larry will build a water park on Watchaug Pond, and Lisa's roommate will run the concession stand there. Larry will bulldoze Sonquipaug and turn them into cabanas, aka affordable housing units.

Everyone will be happy, except the bass fishermen, but they will handle the matter privately, with large grappling hooks.

The real reason for this email is to ask you where the Westerly Sun microfiche archive you referenced a while ago is located - The Sun office, the Charlestown Library, or the Westerly Library?