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Monday, July 23, 2012

TONIGHT: fund-raiser for Cathie Rumsey

Rumsey running for state Senate District 34
By Will Collette

Cathie Rumsey (D) is running for the state Senate seat currently held by Frank Maher (R), who has served two terms and has done virtually nothing for the benefit of the people of his district. Due to redistricting, District 34 now covers almost the entire northern part of Charlestown north of Route One.

Maher got himself appointed to the Redistricting Committee, apparently thinking he could re-shape his district to his advantage. But how adding so much of Charlestown to his district helps him, is beyond me, since we never, ever spotted him in the much smaller north-eastern corner of Charlestown he represented.

Anyway, many Charlestown voters who were used to being represented by Sen Dennis Algiere (R) who usually ran without opposition (as is the case again this year), will now have a great new candidate to consider in Cathie Rumsey.

If you want to meet Cathie, who is by the way, endorsed by the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee, read on for details about her upcoming event on Monday.