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Monday, February 25, 2013

No live coverage of tonight’s second half of the February Town Council meeting

Not unless the International Space Station fell out of the sky and dropped on Town Hall
By Will Collette

The agenda for the second half of the Town Council’s February agenda, Monday, February 25, is almost totally dominated by the Chariho School District and the on-going blather over charter schools.

Rather than listen to an array of speakers demand their right to send their kids to schools other than Chariho, I’m watching re-runs of the Mentalist and Star Trek: Next Generation recorded on DVR. Time much better spent.

It’s all been said: even though Chariho is one of Rhode Island’s top school systems, some parents think their special little darlings need something different and they want taxpayers to pay for it, even if, by objective measurement, those alternatives are inferior to Chariho.

The CCA Councilors don’t have the guts to stand up to this nonsense. Nor do they have the strength of their convictions – indeed, they want to simultaneously demand that Chariho cut its costs while pandering to parents who want to waste taxpayer education dollars on inferior schooling.

You can watch tonight’s meeting on Clerkbase, presuming it’s working, which has been a shaky presumption in recent months. Or you can read about it in tomorrow’s Sun. Or you can wait for my snarky review when I get around to it.

Or you can read by previous, snarky coverage by clicking here and here and here. I’m pretty sure the February 25 “conversation” about Chariho and charter schools is going to be the same old crap, but my apologies in advance if by some miracle, there are some new developments in this tired old story.