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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Sister Punch & the Bathroom Bandit
Sisterly Love

This week’s OMG PD submission from North Kingstown delves into the age-old question: is it illegal to punch your sister in the face?  One NK woman had some difficulty ascertaining the legality of assaulting her sister when she allegedly showed up to her sibling’s home uninvited and heavily intoxicated. The 41-year-old woman allegedly assaulted her sister while she was trying to get her to leave. 

When officers arrived, they noticed that the woman was intoxicated and her speech was “slurred and laced with belligerence.” When they asked her if a physical assault had occurred that night, she reportedly said, “Not yet. It’s not illegal to punch your sister in the face, is it?” Survey says: yeah, it’s illegal.

Plans Flushed Down the Toilet

It’s not a nickname anyone would want, but perhaps one Cranston man should’ve have chosen a different item to allegedly steal. Authorities captured the “Bathroom Bandit’  (hailing from Cranston) this week, who is suspected of stealing plumbing from several buildings and businesses in Warwick, and scrapping the metals and fixtures. In one crime alone, he allegedly made off with more than $1,500 in valves. 

His string of bathroom shenanigans ended when an employee at a Wendy’s noticed that the automatic flush valves were missing from the men’s bathroom. He was charged with two felony counts of larceny and seven counts of misdemeanor larceny.

Barrington Woman Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Up EP Schools

A local woman became so upset over a school rule banning cell phone use that she allegedly threatened to “shoot up” her child's school. According to reports, her son had called her using his cell phone, asking her to pick him up because he was sick. She reportedly stormed out of the East Providence school upon learning of the rules and threatened to “shoot” it up. 

She was arrested following a warrant over the incident. One thing police and school officials are trying to ascertain is why the woman’s son, who lives in Barrington, is attending school in East Providence.

Common Sense

When one does not have a valid license, one should only not be driving, but should also try to minimize the amount of illegal items they have on themselves. Apparently, one Woonsocket man didn’t get the memo this week when he was arrested after police discovered he was driving without a driver’s license. 

Making matters worse, police allegedly found not one but two illegal-sized knives in the man’s car. Oh, and they reported finding marijuana. Did we mention the cocaine? Yeah, there was allegedly cocaine in the car, too.