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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Teacher vs. Cops
Teacher Can Count to Five (Misdemeanor Charges)

We’re guessing this Providence teacher doesn’t specialize in criminal justice. A 49-year-old teacher was arrested in North Kingstown last weekend after making a scene at Seven Moons restaurant while allegedly intoxicated. Police arrived at the restaurant after another patron called about a drunk woman who had fallen off her bar stool and hit her head.

Officers arrived and were greeted by the reportedly belligerent and intoxicated teacher, who was friends with the injured woman. According to reports, she began to curse and yell at police. When officers tried to move her to another part of the restaurant, she allegedly yelled, "[Expletive] you, my brother's a cop."

When police tried placing her under arrest, she began to spin around to avoid handcuffs. Officers had to use two sets of handcuffs. Once in handcuffs, she reportedly yelled, “I’m going to kill all you cops” while kicking the inside of the police cruiser.

Things didn’t get easier for officers once they got the woman to the police station as they had to drag her out of the patrol car. Once out of the car, the woman allegedly let her body go limp and began to fall forward, prompting one officer to lunge forward to stop her from hitting the ground.

In the process, the officer struck his head on a cement wall and sustained concussion. All in all, she racked up five charges – including two assault charges for injuring two officers.

One Theft Leads to Another

Four Massachusetts residents allegedly hatched a plan to make some dough this week by selling stolen meats. However, to get said meats, the quartet apparently had to steal something else – a car. According to East Providence police, officers discovered that a black Lexus driving on Interstate 195 was in fact stolen, and cornered the car at a gas station.

After searching the car, police reportedly found nearly $700 worth of meats (including tenderloins, roasts, steak, a rack of lamb, etc.), which the group reportedly admitted they stole with the intent of selling. Completing the trifecta of illegal activity, officers allegedly found a syringe and heroin in the car.

You’ve Got Some Red on You

One Newport man was caught red-shirted this week in Middletown after a reported stabbing at a local bar. When police arrived at the bar, they found the 30-year-old man at the bar with a bloody shirt. According to the man, the blood on his shirt was from a bloody nose – though police noted that the man’s nose did not appear to be bleeding.

According to reports, the fight began between the victim and the stabber outside the bar. A third man allegedly held the victim while the other man stabbed him. According to the third man, he thought the other man was just punching until he saw the knife on the final stab.

Officers found the victim behind a Dunkin Donuts with multiple stab wounds. Police recovered the knife reportedly used in the assault nearby after witnesses told officers the stabber had thrown the knife over a fence into a parking lot. Before discarding the knife, the alleged assailant reportedly went to the Hess Station, bought a cigar and returned to the bar.