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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tree Amnesty Clarification

You need a town residency form
By Will Collette

In my report on the May 13th Town Council meeting, I mentioned a report by Town Administrator Mark Stankiewicz that there was a "tree amnesty" in effect that allows residents to bring storm-damaged trees to the town transfer station and dispose of them at no charge.

After hearing that some residents were being turned away for lack of some kind of paperwork, I checked with Town Hall and found out that you really do need a form, a residency form to prove you are a Charlestown resident, in order to take advantage of the "tree amnesty."

Go to the Town Clerk's office to get and fill out the form. 

Then you can get rid of your tree trash for no charge at the Charlestown Residential Collection Center (CCRC) a.k.a. transfer station and formerly the town dump. 

The deadline is June 14.