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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why Young Dems endorsed Kathy Fogarty, not Rep. Dickinson

Rep. Dickinson didn’t return YDRI questionnaire

Dear Representative Dickinson,

Hey, remember that time when you called me up regarding the YDRI PAC endorsement, and we ended up having a real nice chat at that coffee place in West Warwick? “The Daily Grind” it was called, over on Cowesset Ave. I was very late (apologies) but you were gracious and we talked for a good while over pastries and coffee. 

Remember, we hung out until the place closed? We ended up standing on the curb still chatting for ten minutes after they had locked the doors. You were just full of stories of the old days in the General Assembly (I hadn’t realized you had served back then!) and you eagerly shared some of your political wisdom with me.

Remember how multiple times throughout the conversation I said that in order to be considered for the YDRI endorsement, you would have to fill out our questionnaire? I think I said it at least three times, and you told me you had a “policy” of not filling out questionnaires. And remember I said ok, then the best you could hope for was no endorsement in the race, but we couldn’t possibly endorse you without a questionnaire?

And then you didn’t fill out the questionnaire?

That’s why we endorsed Kathy Fogarty.

Not only was she not afraid to go on the record with her values and beliefs, her answers lined up 100% with the issues and concerns shared by Young Democrats. Comparing her answers on our survey to your voting record and your “policy” of not feeling you are accountable to anyone, we were happy to endorse Ms. Fogarty. 

The Young Democrats of Rhode Island feel that Democrats should be proud to stand by their political and social values. If that makes us “asleep, irrelevant, or… morally bankrupt,” then I guess we’re guilty. But I personally don’t see how.

Anyway, good luck out there.  And seriously–anytime you want to grab a coffee, hit me up. I’d love to hear more stories.

Mark Gray

PS: I don’t typically respond to comments with a whole new post, but I felt that the nature of Representative Dickinson’s remarks regarding our endorsements warranted it in this case.

Mark Gray is the President of the Young Democrats of Rhode Island and serves on the board of YDRI PAC. The views expressed herein are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of YDRI or YDRI PAC... or anyone else, for that matter.