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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Prestigious medical journal fires back at false attacks on Planned Parenthood

More and more medical studies and articles are being released about an issue that should be taken off the table completely. The right for a woman to make her own reproductive choices should be a given.

That right is continuously challenged by misogynistic, anti-choice, Republican lawmakers
They seem to have nothing better to do with our tax money. Those same rights are also continuously challenged by religious extremists, who wish to subjugate and control the bodies, minds, and lives of women.

Earlier this year, a Gallup Poll revealed that the majority of American men and women are pro-choice, and still there are never-ending attacks, especially against Planned Parenthood, a prominent health organization for women and men. This time the attack has to do with fetal tissue.

Several articles in the New England Journal of Medicine have recently been published about the Planned Parenthood controversy. Three medical doctors and a juris doctor contributed their expert views and perspectives about fetal tissue research, and the Planned Parenthood organization. Here are some excerpts from those articles:

Highlighted from NEMJ piece, Fetal Tissue Fallout, by Alt Charo, J.D.
  • The inquires revealed no law broken by Planned Parenthood.
  • Virtually every person in this country has benefited from research using fetal tissue.
  • This attack represents a betrayal of the people whose lives could be saved by the research and a violation of the most fundamental duty of medicine.

Highlighted from the NEMJ piece: Planned Parenthood at Risk by George P. Topulos, M.D., Michael F. Greene, M.D., and Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D.
  • The contraception services that Planned Parenthood delivers may be the single greatest effort to prevent unwanted pregnancies that result in abortions…
  • We are outraged by those who debase these women, this work, and Planned Parenthood by distorting the facts for political ends.

These pieces are further proof of what we already know: Objective media voices, doctors, medical experts — and above all, the millions of patients who have received compassionate, high-quality care at Planned Parenthood health centers — are standing with Planned Parenthood. We have protected women's health for generations, and we're not going to stop, no matter what.
So-called 'pro-lifers' would do better to check their personal definitions of 'life,' and ask themselves, 'what am I doing for the lives of children once born?' Republican lawmakers would do better to ask themselves the same question, and stay the f*ck out of women's vaginas.

The bottom line: Through family planning and birth control, Planned Parenthood has prevented millions of unintended pregnancies, and thus most likely prevented hundreds of thousands of abortions. 

In doing so, Planned Parenthood has also saved the lives of countless women who, before Roe V. Wade, resorted to unsafe 'back alley' abortions

To learn more about Planned Parenthood visit 

If you've ever considered supporting Planned Parenthood, this would be a crucial time to get involved/contribute. To make a secured Planned Parenthood donation visit: Planned Parenthood Federation of America, or call 800-798-7092. 

You can also mail donations to:

Planned Parenthood Federation of America
PO Box 97166
Washington DC