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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Sexiest Eco-Friendly Vehicles of 2015

Hybrid and electric cars were engineering marvels when they first hit mass production. They were also ugly as sin and a crime against architecture. The only people buying eco-friendly cars 10 years ago either had no sense of style or didn't care. 
But a lot has changed since 2005. Hybrid and electric cars not only look better, but they are some of the sexiest vehicles on the market.

Toyota Prius

After Pollstar Magazine named Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado as the best music venue in the nation for the 11th year, it was clear no other venue could compete. So the name of the award was changed to the Red Rocks Award, and the beautiful venue was retired from contention.
The same idea goes for the Toyota Prius, as it is the godfather of all eco-friendly vehicles. The Prius wasn't the first hybrid car in the world, but it did put them on the map and remains the poster child for going green on the road. After all these years, this is still one of the best energy-efficient cars you can buy.

Chevrolet Volt

It's not easy being king, and the Volt is coming for Toyota's crown. TheChevy Volt was hardly a reliable hybrid vehicle when it debuted in 2010 — it was ugly and expensive, and there was no reason to buy one over a Prius. But the Volt has matured from an awkward pre-teen to a sleek, sexy adult. It now looks like a standard sedan (not so different from a Malibu) and gets 38 miles on a single electric charge and 380 miles with a full tank of gas (a very small tank).
The Volt is also creeping on Toyota's territory as a popular used vehicle. Pre-owned retailers like Drivetime have a variety of hybrid cars in stock across the country, and the prices drop every year as they grow more popular.

BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a luxury option for an electric vehicle, but at a starting price of $42,000, it's a realistic option for drivers who want the BMW brand on a budget. The i3 isn't the sleekest machine in the world, but it's definitely futuristic. The cabin is loaded with tech and sustainable materials, and the sharp, modern edges of the exterior design are sure to turn heads. The i3 is the first attempt at a mass-produced electric vehicle for BMW, so it's a great start to a bright future for the German automaker.

Tesla Model S

If electric cars are Major League Baseball, then the Tesla Model S is the New York Yankees. The Prius may be the godfather, but the Model S is the young prince ready to steal the throne. Tesla Motors created the fastest, most popular all-electric car in the world and crafted a beautiful machine in the process—both inside and out.
Fast is no exaggeration, either. The Model S is really fast — it can beat the Dodge Charger Hellcat in a quarter-mile race (since electric engines deliver all the torque at once). In 2015, there is no better electric car to drive in the world than this. The price tag starts around $70,000, making this a true luxury vehicle, but it's worth every penny.