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Friday, June 10, 2016

There goes the neighborhood

Filippi buys house in Charlestown
Will he live there, or will he just Flip it?
By Will Collette

According to this record from the Charlestown Tax Assessor's database, Filippi bought this property on May 13 for $399,900. Based on this record, it appears that Filippi has taken up permanent residence in Charlestown. It'll be interesting to see what address he claims when he files for election later this month.

Thanks to a sharp-eyed reader, we now know that District 36 state Rep. Blake "Flip" Filippi has bought a new home in Charlestown.

Maybe he did that so he won't have to sleep on CCA leader Tom Gentz's couch anymore.

This will add to the confusion over where Flip actually lives

17 Josephine Drive from Bing Maps
Does he live in his Mom's estate in Lincoln as so many of his official papers show?

Does he live in one of Mom's houses on Block Island where he is registered to vote?

Does he live in Providence where he told RI Future reporter Bob Plain he lives in an apartment?

Or is it Charlestown?

Is he actually going to live in that house and maybe run for Town Council? 

Or is he just going to try to flip the house for a profit (lots of luck on that).

It's frankly an odd choice of a house for a guy who is supposedly wealthy, being a Block Island hotel tycoon and all. To me, it looks like yet another "address of convenience."

Flip is a man of mystery. 

You never know where he stands - i.e. is he a Libertarian or a Republican or an "independent" or is he now a CCA Party member since he owns property in Charlestown?). 

But you can always count on him to act in his own self-interest. 

The only surprising thing about Flip's Charlestown purchase is that he didn't go for big local media coverage which seems to be his one major talent.