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Friday, April 28, 2017

“Pride of Rhode Island”

Election 2016 sean spicer fake news GIFEDITOR’S NOTE: Spicer is the second of two Rhode Islanders picked for high positions in the Trump White House. Now disgraced Michael Flynn was the other. When these guys were picked, Rhode Island media drooled over being able to make a national Rhode Island connection. I predicted both would disgrace the state. – W. Collette
White House press secretary Sean Spicer is a train wreck. After all, this is the guy who said Hitler really wasn’t that bad.
Everybody tunes in daily to see what ridiculous assertion will come out of his mouth this time, and apparently, that is all the job security he needs in Donald Trump’s administration.
According to the Washington Post, Trump has no intention of firing Spicer because he “gets great ratings,” and in Trump’s White House, ratings matter far more than facts. 

The WaPo article explores Trump’s obsession with cable news and revealed that Spicer’s job is safe as long as he can keep people turning in to watch him crash and burn.
“I’m not firing Sean Spicer,” Trump said, according to sources. “That guy gets great ratings. Everyone tunes in.”

The Washington Post reports that “most of the televisions in the West Wing display four channels at all times — CNN, Fox, Fox Business and MSNBC.”
The article also noted that “during an intimate lunch recently with a key outside ally in a small West Wing dining room, for instance, Trump repeatedly paused the conversation to make the group watch a particularly combative Spicer briefing.”
Spicer has become a laughing stock. Saturday Night Live has had a blast lampooning him in recent months, with Melissa McCarthy playing the role of the press secretary.
The fact that Spicer was portrayed on SNL by a woman seemed to be more upsetting to Trump than any of Spicer’s numerous gaffes.
The press secretary kicked off his very first press conference by claiming that Trump’s inauguration really didn’t have a pathetic turnout, despite pictures proving he was full of it. And things have only gone downhill from there.
But as long as America keeps tuning in for Spicer’s daily dumpster fires press briefings, he can rest assured that Trump is going to keep him around. Because priorities.

Author April Hamlin has studied political science, psychology, and philosophy. Back in the good old days she was a reporter for “old fashioned” print newspapers. In addition to news and politics, she also blogs about service dogs and disability advocacy. As a black woman with a disability, she is fed up with the right-wingers who would prefer that she and others like her didn’t exist.