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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

“See Spot run”

While on the campaign trail in 2016, Donald Trump told his supporters at a rally in South Carolina, ”I’m very highly educated. I know words, I know the best words. But there’s no better word than stupid.”

Trump was referring to President Barack Obama as ‘stupid.’

However, Obama will be looked back fondly in history as probably one of our greatest presidents, a great orator who inspired the masses, and Trump will not.

In January, Trump began receiving his intelligence briefings and his team made a request for fewer words to be used and instead, to use more pictures.

The Washington Post reports:

The president, they said, was a visual and auditory learner. Would the briefers please cut down on the number of words in the daily briefing book and instead use more graphics and pictures?Similarly, after Trump entered office, his staff took President Barack Obama’s Syria contingency plans and broke the intelligence down into more-digestible bites, complete with photos, according to current and former U.S. officials with knowledge of the request.
According to senior administration officials and members of Congress who spoke with Trump, it was the image of young, listless children being splashed with water in a frantic attempt to cleanse them of the nerve agent and another one of an anguished father holding his twin babies, swathed in soft white fabric, poisoned to death, that prompted the alleged president to take action after watching cable news.

Trump allegedly told his senior staff that the images and footage of what was taking place in Syria was “horrible” and “awful.”

We can agree that it is, however, it’s more likely that Trump is using this as a distraction. After all, this widely circulated photograph of Alan Kurdi, a young refugee child who drowned to death, apparently never disturbed Donald Trump.

Trump was also opposed to Obama’s attempt to strike Syria when a sarin nerve gas attack left more than 1,400 dead outside of Damascus in 2013. There were images of children who were victims of that gas attack were reported online and on the news, too.

Quick question: Ever since Trump ordered a strike on Syria, how much of the news cycle has covered his administration’s ties to Russia? Or his conflicts of interest, etc, etc, etc.

Author Conover Kennard makes tea partiers cry as a hobby. She was Commander of Jade Helm15 during the failed takeover of the South. She's also one of the biggest arseholes on Twitter. At night, she can be found drinking Conservative tears while pulling off the wings of flies just because she can. She is the founder of a Marxist, Commie, Maoist, Socialist site and has contributed to several other sites, blah blah blah. She is an awful person but she doesn't like to brag about that.