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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thumbs up doesn't mean what you think it means

Trump ignores warnings that the sign is offensive in many countries
By Will Collette

Donald Trump poses with African leaders in Taormina, Italy, on Saturday.
Photograph: Andrew Medichini/AP
Before he left on his first foreign trip, Donald Trump was briefed by his advisors on various cultural taboos, an exercise in futility.

Among them, Trump was warned that his favorite "thumbs up" signal is considered obscene in the Middle East, Greece, Africa and elsewhere. Generally, thumbs up is interpreted to mean "up yours" or "sit on this" in other cultures.

In the photo above, taken in Italy on May 27, Trump does it again. Note the guy right next to him does it too,,,but I am willing to bet his sign didn't carry the same message as Trump's.

I mean, look at the expression on the guy's face. And the glee in the face of the guy right behind them. I have to believe they're thinking, "we just told Donald Trump to 'sit on this.'"

Yes, another example of how our orange buffoon is making America great again.